eProducts.com is now for sale.


eProducts.com has been a very successful domain destination.

On-Line customers for 16 years have trusted the eProducts.com name. Our enterprise has sold everything from Stun Guns to Computer RAM, to a very successful Auction site to Gourmet Food Spices. 

We have been wildly successful in capturing sales, due mainly in our belief, to the name. People just like it. It's easy to pronounce, they understand its a merchandise site of some kind and it is easy to get ranked very high in SEO because of the short to the point name.

Due to the fact that our Corporation has acquired several Domains over the last 15 years, and the fact that we have consolidated our core holdings into mainly physical vs on-line business' (Yes, we do still have websites!) We have decided to let this domain do for others what it has done for us, GENERATE REVENUE !!! 

If you are a serious buyer, for a serious domain, Please CONTACT US.

Our Asking price is $25,000.00.

This web domain WILL sell. Make us a reasonable offer.

And the spoils go to the Victor!!! 





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